Unlock Your Flow State

How do you use your strengths during stressful times? Have you noticed your needs may have shifted... are you struggling to focus, or do you find yourself needing to create more efficiency or prioritize your wellbeing... and it.is.HARD right now.

We will still start with the basics... because it's a time for simplicity.
It's a time for CONNECTION.
It's a time for REFLECTION.
It's a time for EMBRACING our strengths... and to NAME our NEEDS without shaming ourselves or others.
It's a time for boosting CONFIDENCE.
It's a time to more clearly AIM our energies... to what's important, what our true goals are... and our wellbeing.
And... to give more attention and awareness of the NEEDS, SKILLS, and TALENTS of others... like your spouse, your teenager, your partners in love or business, your co-workers... your clients.
To DESIGN Alliances... and hello... WELLBEING.
Can we talk about that for a moment?
Do you know how to use your strengths to create wellbeing, to empower others, to help engage them?
Think you already know your strengths? Already mastered your strengths?
According to a Harvard Business Review (HBR) article, even though most people believe they are self-aware, only 10-15% of the people they studied actually fit the criteria. That means 85-90% of people are not as self-aware as they believe themselves to be.
  • So is there more to learn? Yes.
  • Will there be new content? Yes.
  • Will it take a lot of time? No. Just 5-10 minutes per day, and you can work at your pace.

So vote for yourself. Invest in your personal development and bring your team or friends with you.

We are better together.

Join The Spark Your Strengths Community

All the information
In One Place

There are many resources for strengths learning online. It can be very confusing and cumbersome to get the information, and know how to apply it.

So we did the work for you. Each lesson includes the links you need to access podcasts, insight guides, inspirational talks and more.

Broken down into 21 steps, this program will support you in chunking down the learning, and actually help you learn to coach yourself and others.

They say it takes 21 days to change a habit. Can you shift to a positive mindset in that period of time? 

We think so.

Our Community Meets Monthly for Group Coaching Online

80% of people who purchase online programs do not complete them, according to the internet.  So we have created a membership community that will allow you and your people to have ongoing support - To guide you, along with the prompts and videos, we will be on a live monthly call, and engage within a private Facebook group. 

You can ask specific questions to Coach Kate about your strengths and mastermind with other strengths-enthusiasts.  


Remove Your Mind
As the Barrier to Your Success

It doesn't happen overnight. And you can't do it alone. But it can happen. Take this next step and join other people just like you.

You can become more of who you are get to where you want to go.

Here's What You'll Learn

21 Daily prompts to support you to shift your mindset and break down the learning into small actionable steps.

We’ll teach you how to use your strengths to get to the next level by providing the support and self-coaching prompts to get to the bottom of what your unique themes need to achieve and create your best future. All in one place. Accountability and reminders set up in advance. Easy peasy.  Let's do this!

Start the Challenge Today

Take as long as you want to complete it. That's right. One you purchase the challenge, you don't have to complete in 21 days. Think of it as 21 steps. Ready to begin?


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