Step Into the Looking Glass

You're tired of playing the game. You keep ending up in the same place. You're pretty sure it's you, but hey... maybe it's not. Maybe you wish it wasn't so hard to keep your mindset off of the overwhelm... and that stuckness you feel? Oh Somebody needs to pick that up off the porch for good. Triggers are everywhere. What if I told you, it's possible to have a new experience of your life? What if I told you some secrets about how how this vision stuff works that moved you off the plateau for good? 

Step Inside

Benefits of Our Program

Set Your Highest Self Free

The Story of Your Past

Identify your strengths and release all the self criticism and doubt that keeps you playing small in the big game of your life. Your life story is still impacting your business in ways you might not be aware of. There is likely some healing to do for you to accept that your survival strategies are impacting your goals. You may also need to find the correlation between all those triggers that occur... and how they connect to who you think you need to be in the world... and to your God-given talents. Your strengths have needs too. Who's been driving the vehicle of your life so far? Let's unpack it.

Unlock Your Confidence

The Story of Current Reality

We go forward, we fall back. We hit the gas pedal, we hit the break, and sometimes we just coast... To really have more ease and flow in our journey of business or life, we have to understand the conditions for acceleration, and the conditions for focus. We also need to look into what's really undermining our self-trust and preventing sustained confidence. 

Let's face it. We all have a self-sabotage pattern that keeps us limited. That doesn't have to keep holding you back. Discover anything is possible in these life-changing exercises.

Accelerate Your Vision

The Story of Your Future

When you identify the impact you want to have, and grow your resilience - and not the "grit" kind - you can uncover the best future beyond the present. By claiming your purpose, and growing in your understanding of your impact without shame and condemnation, you will find your vision takes new heights. You will no longer attract people who want to feed at the feet of your inspiration and struggle, and will start caring about those in your sphere. You may even notice yourself understanding them in new ways, and for some reason... enjoying it all even more. 

We are women who create safe spaces to grow, to fail, to unlearn, to heal, and to emerge in our glorious beauty. We communicate generously. We leverage our strengths and stories. We step Into the Looking Glass to see ourselves and our impact clearly, to own our stories, and to re-up our commitment to change the world. 

Unshackle that joy. It's your time.

Features of The Community


Six Private 1:1 Sessions with Coach Kate Pintor

Online Course

Lifetime Membership to our online curriculum Into the Looking Glass plus access to the community on Facebook for monthly calls, group sharing and lots of resources.

Live Group Training

Six Week Group Live Programs start every two months. Attend once, and apply for a free spot in the next forever.

"I am living in my fullest authentic self and toward my highest potential each day. If you do the work, you can do it! This program pushes you to grow. This is how you thrive. This has been the best decision in my life. The most helpful program in all the coaches I've ever had. I grew the most here. I've paid 10,000 for a coach and got no where near the value." (actual quote, photo removed for confidentiality)"

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